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Proof conclusive that God exists.


Frank Cornelius is my father and im the youngest of six kids(Todd Cornelius, Taylor Cornelius, Bryce Cornelius, Amy Branham, and Val Branham). Taylor Cornelius died December 15, 2003. i just wanted all to know that he was a great father to me n my brothers and sisters and that yesterday was his 12 year anniversary of his dealth. Thanks to all supported my dad in everything he did!!!!!

-Emily Cornelius

Dianne Parker

I watched A&E as they again aired the program showing how the Indiana Legislators processed this law and how the unfortunate outcome turned on Mr. Frank Cornelious. What a pity his own personal story did not help to turn this all around so that others could be helped from his own situation.
My husband is the survivor of two such medical mistakes and has not been able to walk in more than 3 yrs now. The time is passing way too quickly - and I watch helplessly as he looses a little more ground each day - but as a result of his multiple injuries I have joined the forces of the numerous patient safety advocates in many forms across this country - and I will fight for new laws, better health care "Transparency" and access to information to help any and all future patients avoid the horror of finding out after the fact that the surgeon and hospital you used was not capable of QUALITY Medical care and you take home a patient who is no longer a viable, functioning person. It's sad to find out AFTER the fact that things could have had a "normal" or good outcome had you just known about the facility and surgeon you chose.

My thoughts and prayers go with the family of Mr. Frank Cornelious and his herroic efforts to right the wrong he helped to create; just listening to him on that program tugged at my heart - because I too know what it is to be treated as he has been - but when I am, I present the physician, administrator or legislator or other professional with my business card with our photo on it; and tell them, this is the "Face of Medical Harm" what cn I do to help you? These are the things I think we all need to do - 1) PRAY 2) Don't be ashamed of the injury or injured individual {he/she didn't CAUSE the injury} 3) Join together to support each other 4) Know individually that we are all connected spiritually and God is in charge of it all - and will change it whether we live to see it or not. Mr. Frank Cornelious tried to right the Tort reform in his state - talking to your own state's legislative bodies can help toward fixing your own state's laws - In God's love, I am with you all and if you want to find me - contact WRDW in N. Augusta, SC 803-278-1212 Thank you

Thank you,

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