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Check this out, on the same topic:


Gabriel Abney

this is totally heinous. people like this are the ones who give lawyers a bad name.
I know that this is just repeating the obvious, but I really hope that anyone who works or attends school in the music technology or audio/visual/computing industry will consider spreading this around. It seems sometimes that we just can't affect much sometimes, but there is one thing we can do, small as it is. we can put our money where our morals are. After all it is greed that motivates most of the bullshit in the world. they want our cash, so only give it to them if they do the right thing.



I am a Monster Cable employee and am tasked with posting to sites on this topic. Please read below on the Snow Monsters topic. There has been alot of disinformation out there on the web.


10 January 2005
Letter from Jack Turner
Noel Lee, the founder and president of Monster Cable and I have
been in serious but cordial discussions over the last several weeks
only to discover that we have mutual interests, goals, and respect
for each other's work.
At the same time, we are both ardent defenders of our companies,
trademarks, and our pride. After all, you have to be a spirited
person (some would say crazy) to be an entrepreneur in the first
place - even crazier to start companies like Monster Cable and
Snow Monsters.
Noel and I are in agreement that there is no conflict or ill-will
between Snow Monsters and Monster Cable Products - none
Any statements or feelings that I have expressed in the past,
whether on our websites, printed correspondence, or email are
resolved in a fair and honorable manner by both parties. Everyone
in my family feels this way and wants you to know that:
1. Snow Monsters is not responsible, nor do we condone, any
information published by other persons that is untrue or
misleading. I learned that we may have posted links to online
information that is not accurate.
2. I don't have any knowledge, nor have I ever claimed that
Monster Cable has filed lawsuits against hundreds of
companies or filed frivolous lawsuits. Rumors about suing the
Chicago Bears, the Red Sox, or Fenway Park are simply false.
3. The database people have referred to is a list of trademark
oppositions and requests for extensions. Trademark objection

is a normal process for trademark owners. It is the Patent and
Trademark office that decides if the trademark is allowed.
Snow Monsters and Monster Cable will be protecting and
policing our marks, or we will be in danger of losing them.
4. And Monster Cable never sued us. We filed a complaint in
Federal Court against Monster Cable and have since withdrawn
it. Please research information and check facts before jumping
to any conclusions about Monster Cable. Our primary concern
is to spread the truth - not cloud it.
Thanks very much to all fans of Snow Monsters. This letter will be
sent to as many of our friends as possible in hopes of clearing up
the situation. I ask that you do the same. And please...Think Snow!
Jack Turner, President


i bet u guys paid him to that stuff up there! but right now u guys are suing other stores with the word monster in it.


Which tort reformers are you talking about? Overlawyered covers and criticizes cases like this all the time. In addition, a loser-pays tort reform--precisely the tort reform Overlawyered pushes for most--would put an end to it, because the hapless defendant would be able to find a lawyer who would take the case on contingency.

Justinian Lane

You bring up an interesting problem: Not all tort reformers push for the same things. While you, like me, abhor this sort of behavior, other tort reformers see nothing wrong with it.

Tort reform, as a term, has lost any value it once had because it encompasses many ideas, some of which are mutually exclusive.

I'm actually working on a post about the problems with a loser-pays system now. I'll let you know when it's posted.

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