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well done, I linked and posted it on my blog ... let me know if that is not ok.


I agree, facts very well represented.

Attorney General, Greg Abbott's antics have aslo spilled over into the Child Support Division.

A friend and former employee of the agency (in Austin) validated what I've suspected; the child support division is a sham. She was reprimanded for spending more than 4 minutes (not a typo) assisting a person with their child support case.

Wait, there's more, she finally quit after exhausting years trying to make a difference in an agency who is indifferent to children who aren't receiving child support (even with orders and probation rulings). She quit and tried to "whistle blow" directly to Mr. Abbott. His response, a "form letter," ...we regret you were unhappy in your job.... (DUH?)

Read the stories that have been submitted to him and ask how can he continue to be in office? www.petitiononline.com Type: Texas OAG. Feel free to sign the petition and post your comments there. Get some tissue, its not pretty.


Vince Leibowitz

A damned fine article. Keep up the good work. Which state senator do you work for?

Anand Kumar

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